Job Procesing Monitor

CUBE CZ s.r.o offers a new product – Production Monitor (version 1.09 A)

This product is designed to view the complete history of your orders with this company, including prices, statuses and dates. The data can be updated automatically via the Internet on your request without the user's assistance. In the future we want to add features such as one allowing to place a repeat order quickly and an online monitor of your order in production. This is for the time being a full-featured test version of the program to be further developed. Therefore we would very much appreciate all your comments and ideas to this version. The program will be further improved and extended on basis of such feedback.

Job Procesing Monitor

Job Procesing Monitor

Instructions for installation, connection and use of Production Monitor:

  1. Installation: you need to download the installation file monitor_install.exe and run this file, which will carry out the first installation of the program. Warning: Only install on a computer with access to the Internet.
  2. Access Activation: to activate your access please ask our sales department on the phone number +420 482 465 080 or e-mail address . After that you will receive a license file by e-mail; please specify which address.
  3. Initialization: when starting the program for the first time, a dialog box is displayed to set up a simple configuration (things like Automatic Update on Startup or Language Selection). On leaving this box, first automatic data update will take place. On its successful completion (which requires access to the Internet; the data transferred are in tens of kilobytes) the complete history of your orders will be shown within the program. If the program does not start and an error message License File Not Found is displayed, go back to step 2, follow the instruction in the e-mail message received or contact CUBE CZ.
  4. Program controls:

    Update – F5: starts the data update process – can be set to automatic mode.

    View – F6: selects items to be viewed in the program's worksheet. It shows a complete list of items that can be viewed. To view or hide double click on the item with mouse left button. This will cause item view hide toggle action in the worksheet.

    Setup – F7: sets up the program – to change the configuration, click on the item with mouse left button
    1 - automatic update (yes / no)
    2 - language selection (Czech / English)
    3 - update URL – link to update web page

    Graph – F8: provides graphic analysis of the areas and prices of the jobs ordered
    1 - date range input (date from ÷ to)
    2 - time scale selection – view in days or months
    3 - carry out calculation of data for the graph
    4 - select to view area square meters or money
    5 - select to view PCBs with number of layers specified from 0 to 12 (0-sheet, screen, films.... others are number of layers)
    6 - select 3D graph viewing angle: 0 – displays all PCB types selected (see section 5) in one column with color coded PCB types, else next to each other.
  5. Main Window Controls:

    Worksheet Navigation: with mouse and/or cursor movement keys (arrows, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down)

    Sorting: by clicking the left mouse button on the heading of column by data of which you want the worksheet to get sorted (for example if you want to sort by your order number, you click on the Order heading and if sorting is possible on this column, it will be carried out and the Order heading's background color will switch from dark gray to green).

    Worksheet Search: you can only search a sorted column; see above.
    Example of finding Order Number B01-12345: Sort worksheet following the procedure above and then type B01-12345. The viewed row moves as you type.

    The following information is displayed above the worksheet: Number Of Records – total number of orders; Sorted By – column heading by which the worksheet is sorted; Search, if applicable – search text for index column; Last Update – date and time of your last data update.

    Meanings of individual columns:
Job_No our unique order number
Layer number of layers (0-sheet, screen, films…. others are number of layers)
Order_No your order number
D. received date of receipt of your order
PCB_No unique PCB number in our register
Sales Person name of your purchasing representative in charge
Technician name of your engineer in charge
Order date issue date of your order
Seller name of our sales representative
Repeat True – repeat order, False – first time order
Type type of PCB (nature of PCB production, testing, sheet fro PCB)
PCB name your PCB description
Material PCB substrate material ordered or approved
Quant. number of units required
Area m2 total PCB job area in square meters
Pr/Each complete price of one PCB (including test cost if applicable)
Pr/Tooling complete cost of preparing production source materials
Pr/Test complete cost of preparing test data
Pr/Total total order price
Pr/dm2 price per square decimeter
Transport method of transport, forwarder name
Payment method of payment
Curr. currency of costs and prices described above
Delivery Note last Delivery Note number for this order
Delivery d. date of delivery as agreed
State order status – in prospect it will show exact status of progress of your order in production
Dispatch date of last Delivery Note for this order
Disp.q. number of boards shipped up to date
Diff. difference between real date of shipment and date of shipment required in terms of workdays:
0 – shipped on date required
negative value – shipped with delay (number of workdays)
positive value – shipped in advance (number of workdays)
Warning: if no shipment date is shown in the appropriate field, Shipment Date Vverdanance displays a number of days to shipment related to current date.
Transfer code forwarder's (EMS, PPL, DHL, UPS …) consignment code; does not need to be always shown. It is a reference for consignment tracking on the Internet.
Function: if the code is shown, you can double click on the item with mouse left button and get a link to tracking your consignment at the forwarder's website (DHL, PPL, UPS).
El. test test of PCB


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