Controlled Impedance Boards Production

PCB - Controlled impedance After two years testing, step-by-step production process improvements and after purchase of test machine CITS900s4, we are able to offer you complete technical support for your controlled impedance boards. We support you with board design, help in your base material choice, we produce the boards and finally we prove you the values with final controlled impedance measurements on test coupons, which are always an inseparable part of our production panel.

Why controlled impedance boards?

   Current electronic devices work still more and more with signal frequence in MHz or GHz. On the signal transmission tracks, it is absolutely necessary to avoid any kind of signal interference, deformation or signal reflection, especially in the areas, where two tracks are connected to each other. The prouducer must ensure constant signal quality from the signal route beginning up into the final signal destination (BGA, µBGA, memories etc...).
   The printed circuit board is an inseparable part of such a signal route ( tracks on such a board ) and that is why it is a must to use board with clearly defined and guaranteed impedance.

Support during controlled impedance board design process

Controlled impedance - modul   After mutual agreement we are able to prepare theoretical part of controlled impedance board design, consisting of useable base material choice, choice of impedance modules, recommended track and gap distance. After technical discussion, and thanks to our software, we summarize all the above information in one  comprehensive document.

Supplied documentation and data check

   During the technical data check for controlled impedance boards, we verify if supplied data correspond to our theoretical calculation, and if not, we suggest to customer necessary changes respecting the characteristics of used materials. We also generate impedance coupons, including your impedance requirements and put them onto our production panel.

Controlled impedance - cupon

Final impedance measurements on production coupons

Controlled impedance   When the boards are done we measure the impedance values on test coupons with our CITS900s4 mashine and generate a  protocol  about this  measurement, eventually we suggest small correction for mass production.


In case you need more detailed information do not hesitate to contact us.

Example of Impedance Coupons

Measurement Probes

Sample of Measurement


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