Drilling LENZ DLG 550
Excellon EX200
Excellon EX300
El. tester ATG - A5 ( flying probe test system )
V-scoring CNC Machine (foto1foto2)
Router Lenz
Desmear Horizontal line
Chemistry Direct plating (foto1foto2)
Galvanic plating Aqualine HDI 10 pcb
Gold line Technology Ni /Au
HAL Cemco - Quicksilver
Optical shears VON ARX
Exposure Colight DMVL 1030
PICO SupraLight
Inspection Neophot 32
Photoplotter Laser photoplotter Orbotech LP-9008m
Develop machine AGFA RAPILINE 63
ML press Bürkle (foto1foto2)
Alkaline etching RESCO E 1000 2R TFS-Flex
Coates Curtain coating lines
Exposure OZATEC BA 60/75 HI
Registration Targomat (foto1foto2)
Optical checking AOI - Discovery II 8200
Sewage treatment plant link here

Registration & Exposition PICO SupraLight

   We purchased new registration and exposition mashine with LED diod light, which enables us to register films with repeatable accuracy ± 10µm and to directly expose photoresist or solder mask with LED diods.

Sewage treatment plant

   We have built, approved and made fully functional brand new and fully automated, computer operated, sewage treatment plant in our operation of the production of printed circuit boards.


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