• Private czech manufacturer
    Supplier to major european development centers
  • Český privátní výrobce z Jizerských hor
    Dodavatel významných evropských vývojových center.
  • Nejnáročnější technologie
    30-ti letá tradice výroby desek plošných spojů
  • Nejnáročnější technologie
    30-ti letá tradice výroby desek plošných spojů
  • Nejnáročnější technologie
    30-ti letá tradice výroby desek plošných spojů
  • Nejnáročnější technologie
    30-ti letá tradice výroby desek plošných spojů
  • Nejnáročnější technologie
    30-ti letá tradice výroby desek plošných spojů

About us

 We are one of the well-established Czech PCB manufacturer with 30 years of history in making one-sided, double-sided, and more than 20 years of track record in making multilayer printed circuit boards. We specialize in comprehensive jobs: DESIGN – PRODUCTION – ASSEMBLY, including final TESTING. All that within EXPRESS lead times. We WORK TOGETHER with leading GLOBAL SUPPLIERS OF MATERIALS and EQUIPMENT. WE ARE INVOLVED IN MANUFACTURING OF PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS FOR HIGH-END APPLICATIONS WE CATER FOR MAJOR EUROPEAN ENGINEERING CENTRES.


CUBE CZ, s.r.o. is a leading PCB manufacturer from the Czech Republic with more than 30 years of traditions.

  • The company was set up as of 1 February 1998. Our headquarter offices as well as the printed circuit board manufacturing facility are in Ferdinandov, part of Hejnice, at foothills of the Jizerské mountains about 25 kilometres from Liberec, Czech Republic. Manufacturing of printed circuit board has a long history in Ferdinandov. The new company was started in order to acquire, restore and develop the PCB production with the objective to take a leading position among PCB manufacturers in the Czech Republic’s yet mainly European market.

  • The company management strives to build up production specializing in high-quality high-end printed circuit boards to be designed with express deadlines and from prototypes to serial runs. To accomplish such objectives, CUBE CZ draws on its management’s many years of experience with western European markets. Our principal philosophy is full focus on customer requirements and compliance with the highest quality standards.

  • We provide comprehensive services from PCB design through production and optimization to assembly and final testing. All this in express times. We make single-sided, double-sided but mainly multilayer printed circuit boards, including those for high-end applications, such as with controlled impedances. Besides specializing in production of high-end printed circuit boards (for instance High Density Interconnect, with qBGA, blind, buried, and filled vias), we offer to arrange high volume production runs.

  • As part of the PCB development process, our professional technical support team is ready to provide our customers with consultancy services for PCB design and engineering as well as other aspects associated with related production and assembly.An integral part of the company is our quality department that assess the condition of our products in their own test laboratory. They also carry out expert evaluation of PCB defects.

  • Our company continually improves the existing system of management so that we can meet the highest quality standards. CUBE CZ has an ISO EN 9001:2016 quality management system in place and in practical use as acknowledged by the IQNet international certification authority.

  • Our strategy is focusing on customer satisfaction with high-quality products. CUBE CZ has complied and keeps renewing such compliance with the internationally recognized Underwriters Laboratory standards towards its products since 1998. All printed circuit boards from our production fully comply with the RoHS directive and REACH regulation.

Certificates and Certifications 2018

Certificates for download as format pdf


Terms and Conditions of delivery

Delivery times

We deliver printed circuit boards as agreed with the customer. Our express service is delivery within 24 hours.


As a standard packaging solution, we vacuum pack the printed circuit boards and put them in common size cardboard boxes with slip sheets. We can adapt the packaging to customer’s requirements.


We arrange transport to deliver our products using services of forwarding and courier companies available, such as DPD, TNT, FedEx, EMS, PPL, DHL, UPS, GLS, Česká Pošta. For express delivery, we utilize specialized messengers to meet the project conditions. You can also collect the products ex works at CUBE CZ or specify other methods of transport.

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tel.: +420 482 465 080

e-mail: sales@cube.cz

Milan Fleiberk

Owner, CEO

telefon: +420 482 465 080
mobil:    +420 739 630 562

e-mail: fleiberk@cube.cz

Michal Kudrnáč

Business Director

telefon: +420 482 465 083
mobil:    +420 733 129 850

e-mail: michal.kudrnac@cube.cz

Magdaléna Kytýrová

Head of Customer Care Department

telefon: +420 482 465 083
mobil:    +420 603 803 102

e-mail: kytyrova@cube.cz


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CUBE CZ s.r.o.

Ferdinandov 612
463 62 Hejnice
Czech Republic

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