Continuing investment in production
at CUBE CZ – the latest generation of etching process

18.7. 2019

We are honored announce to our customers and all, those considering working with a stable supplier of printed circuit boards for demanding applications, that our company is now successfully implementing innovative technologies in the manufacturing process.
“In order to meet business commitments to our most important partners, we are making significant investments that push our technical and technological limits in line with their current and future requirements.“ says CEO CUBE CZ Mr. Milan Fleiberk.

Currently, the technology development process continues with the launch of the latest generation of InfinityLine etching technology from SCHMID GmbH company with high etching uniformity. Here we assume a real shift to line / space resolution to 50 ųm.

This state of the art technology will enable us to make a very effective etching process with emphasis on surface uniformity in the highest achievable quality and full reproducibility of the application. The incorporation of this equipment represented also significant improvement of respective production area.